BMP-5002 Freerunning park SBMP-5002 Freerunning park S

BMP-50200 Freerunning park S


  • Vendor code: BMP-5002
  • Product name: Freerunning park S
  • Colours: RAL 9005 / RAL 6018
  • Safetyzone:
  • Fallheight: 1500 mm
  • Certification: NEN-EN 16630;2015



The BarManiaPro® Freerunning Station 4™ is specially developed to train your Freerunning & Strength skills.
This station allows you to improve your overall upper body strength, backflip & balancing skills.
The park consists of the following elements:

  • 1 x Backflip wall double sided
  • 5 x Pull-up & Freestyle bars
  • 1 x Freestyle cube

(HD video) “Dutch national Ninja Warrior Champion Perriy Oosterlee in the BarManiaPro® Freerunning park”



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BarManiaPro® Freerunning Station 4

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