BarManiaPro®Calisthenics park Basic™BarManiaPro®Calisthenics park Basic™

BarManiaPro®Calisthenics park Basic™


BarManiaPro Calisthenics™ is a professional line of high quality workout equipment designed for indoor and outdoor training facilities.

This product can only be ordered at official BMP distributors in your country. Please take a look at our “International distributors” page to find your reseller. No representative in your country? Don’t worry; our support team is ready to take on your request


The BarManiaPro® Calisthenics park Basic™ contains all the equipment needed for a total bodyweight workout:

  • BMP-10500 Double monkey bars + 6 pull-up bars + Gymnastic rings
  • BMP-10700 Jumpboxes 3 heights
  • BMP-10106 Double parrallel bars
  • BMP-10301 Tripple push-up bars
  • BMP-10303 Swedish wall + snake + 5 pull-up bars
  • BMP-10102 Handstand bars
  • BMB-30800 4 x balancing equipment on different heights
  • BMP-Infosign

(HD) “WCO world championships video at the official BarManiaPro® park Amsterdam” – Watch from 1:10 till 2:15 –



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BarManiaPro®Calisthenics park Basic™