BarManiaPro® Ninja Warrior park™ LBarManiaPro® Ninja Warrior park™ L

BarManiaPro® Ninja Warrior park™ L


The BMP Ninja Warrior Park™ is our latest pride. It is a specially designed workout park to create the most Xtreme workout environment for your clients.

Our team of design specialists spent countless hours working one-on-one with top athletes that compete in the Ninja Warrior TV shows; to create the most attractive, challenging and robust Ninja Warrior parks around the world!

Select your BMP Ninja Warrior Park™ and experience the most Xtreme workouts!


The BarManiaPro® Ninja Warrior park™ L contains all the elements for a total bodyweight Ninja workout challenge.

  • Vertical Salmond ladder
  • Inclined Salmond ladder
  • Ninja Steps 5 x
  • Cliffhanger 4 routes
  • Pegboard 2 x
  • 3 different climbing routes
  • Hanging wheels
  • Climbing stones
  • Pull-up bars

(HD video) “Dutch national Ninja Warrior Champion Perriy Oosterlee in the BarManiaPro® Ninja Warrior park”



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BarManiaPro® Ninja Warrior park™ L

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