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BarManiaPro® Clamps™


BarManiaPro Equipment parts™ are only aivailable for official BMP distributors and clients that specifically demand spare parts for reparation or replacement of damaged parts; of materials that are used in BarManiaPro® parks and equipment.

* Crossbar not included!


BarManiaPro® offers a patented clampsystem to connect all our equipment. We guarentee our clients the highest quality on the marketplace! Our unique clamp systeem offers a innovative, safe, good looking and robust solution to connect equipment parts; and is aivailable in any colour desired. BarManiaPro® Clamps™ are specifically designed for both indoor & outdoor use; and can sustain any type of climate or weather conditioning.


We want to specifically warn you for cheap unprofessionalized manufacturers of street workout equipment in the marketplace. Be very cautious with companies that only show their equipment in 2D and 3D, without real photos of the equipment they have installed. Our clamping system is patented and unique in the market, unfortunately there are a lot of manufacturers of workout equipment that want to make it look like they have our clamping system as well.

These manufacturers lack the experience and technology in the production and installation of sportsequipment for Calisthenics and Street Workout. In particular, they lack the technology for the connecting parts, creating an unsafe and unattractive workout enviroment. Be very careful, when choosing a manufacturer or supplier for your workout park. Most important keep in mind the health and safety of the people that rely on the quality of the equipment. Don’t expose your audience to unnecessary risks!


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BarManiaPro® Clamps™

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M10 x 40 Galvanized torx pin