BarManiaPro® Beachpark Barcelona™


BarManiaPro Calisthenics Beachparks™ are professional Workout parks designed for the most beautifull beach workout zones in the world.

This parkt can only be ordered at official BMP distributors in your country. Please take a look at our “International distributors” page to find your reseller. No representative in your country? Don’t worry; our support team is ready to take on your request!


The BarManiaPro® Beachpark Barcelona™ contains all the equipment needed for a total bodyweight workout in the sun:

  • BMP-10106 Double parallel bars
  • BMP-10102 Handstand bars
  • BMP-10710 Inclined Abs bench
  • BMP-10101 Pole dance
  • BMP “Calisthenics workout station PRO”
  • BMP-10103 single parallel bar
  • BMP-infosign

(HD) “Beach workout video at the BarManiaPro® park at Barcelona beach”



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BarManiaPro® Beachpark Barcelona™