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BarManiaPro® The company

The BarManiaPro® group LTD, provides play and sport experiences for people of all ages. The BarManiaPro company manufactures a wide range of professional sports equipment for indoor and outdoor training facilities. Are you looking for a Street Workout, Calisthenics, Outdoor Fitness, Bootcamp, Freerunning or Ninja Warrior park? Stop looking because you are at the right adress already! The BarManiaPro® brand stands for the most appealing, innovative, robust and safe sportsequipment and park designs in the world. Our fun, inspiring and positively surprising sportsfacilities help people to stay active today and feel better tomorrow. Our vision is to be our customers’ first choice by creating the greatest customer and end user experiences possible.

Patented Clamp system™
The Patented BMP Clamps™ ensure the highest reliability and safety of our structures

BarManiaPro® Sportsgrounds™ sold worldwide

Parks built 2015 41 Parks
Parks built 2016 84 Parks
Parks built 2017 106 Parks
Parks built 2018 16 Parks